My manifesto for the next four years

While discussing personal statements in class, Mrs. Nester and I were both stumped when it came to an academic personal statement for myself. I am what one could consider a vanilla wafer, I am your average white seventeen year old girl that fits the stereotypical middle class life to a T. Mrs. Nester told me to try and write a manifesto and to say the least I was terrified. I let the idea sink in and gave it a try, it took a while to gather my complete thoughts and with a little brain power (and lots of inspiration from Descendants 2 ) I completed it and turned it in to her. She returned it today and with a few modifications and an inspiring note that said, “Post this to your blog!<3” written across the top, here I am, posting my manifesto of jumbled academic (sort of) thoughts.


I will incorporate a positive emotional environment in the classroom.

I will be present in class, mentally and physically.

I will apply myself.

I will accept the grade I earn, but will work endlessly to get the grade I want.

I will work for complete knowledge of the subject.

I will not give excuses.

I will make unattainable goals to reach during my time at college.

I will try my hardest to obtain those goals.

I will have rough nights, which will turn into rough mornings.

I will still drag myself to class and fight through the agonizing headache.

I will not bring my personal baggage into the classroom (even if I am running on -5 hours of sleep and no red bull).

I will be bold.

I will not hesitate to laugh at myself.

Nor will I hesitate to cry.

I will leap out of my comfort zone, both academically and socially.

I will oversleep, but I am trying to work on that

I will procrastinate (but I’ll work on that later).

I will respect the differences in people and learn from them.


I still have more to add but as of right now these are my current thoughts, I hope you enjoyed.

7 thoughts on “My manifesto for the next four years

  1. Lol at the oversleeping and procrastinating points. I enjoyed reading your manifesto and the featured image is so cute!

  2. Yeah! Putting things in words is so powerful, but posting them for the world to see is even MORE powerful. I think you will make an admissions counselor smile at this one! Kudos!

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